(CICUTA 036) Bebhionn – Rotation EP

Artist: Bebhionn
Title: Rotation EP
Catalog#: CICUTA036
Release Date: 15/02/2016
Styles: Industrial, Techno, Melodic, Electronic

Welcome to the release number 36 of CicutaNetlabel. After a rather tough year in our personal lives, we return to the fray to try to provide our monthly ration of quality techno. We changed the way we work to strengthen the label and try to offer the best of ourselves and artists who collaborate with the label. We hope to keep up with the good work ;).

Responsible for signing this new release is Bebhionn, Asturian artist that although not well known, certainly from this release will stay into your diaries to track him. He brings a very edgy sound, in line with the most successful producers of European techno scene. To give an analogy in our catalog, we reminiscent Kwartz’sproductions, which is synonymous with success.

As for remixers (and this is where we changed a little our philosophy), we wanted our own artists participate with their vision of the new releases. That is why we can hear The Thinker (CICUTA016), AbizSonko (CICUTA031) , Substak (CICUTA021), Alberto Morales (CICUTA034), Neglëk (will sign a CICUTA EP coming soon) and 6DEL (CICUTA032). All artists of quality rather than proven and who have completed (in our humble opinion) an EP extraordinary.

We hope you enjoy it and have you on the other side in this promising 2016.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

1. Angular
2. Regular
3. Singular
4. Angular (The Thinker Remix)
5. Angular (AbizSonkoRemix)
6. Angular (Substak Remix)
7. Regular (Alberto Morales Revision)
8. Regular (Neglëk Remix)
9. Regular (6DEL Remix)

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

Robert Kiss (AudioExit Records)
Another great release, i’m really happy cicuta is back!. The Thinker and 6del remixes are my favs, but all other tracks are great works as well. Keep up the good work, and i hope to hear a lot more in the future from Cicuta