(CICUTA 035) Altechmist – Underforest Techno EP

Artist: Altechmist
Title: Underforest Techno EP
Catalog#: CICUTA035
Release Date: 15/02/2015
Styles: Industrial, Techno, Melodic, Electronic

Welcome to the 35th release of Cicuta Netlabel. This EP opens our 2015 season, a year full of hopes and good intentions. There are some that are recurrent, such as exercising more or quitting smoking. It’s said that Christmas usually are not met. We have proposed something that can actually get, with your help of course, and is to be another year with you, offering free music quality and revealing new artists.

This time we present Altechmist, emerging Catalan artist who has captivated us with his sound. Although not have much experience to show in his resume, he is one of the artists that are being forged in the school of music production EUMES, one of the best structured projects (in our opinion) in Spain, leading by people as Mootiv, OneD or Dosem, all of them friends of Cicuta.

Listen, enjoy and express your opinion, the quality of work is very clear ;-).

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

1. Intercambio Equivalente
2. Erroneous Connection
3. Underforest Techno

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File