(CICUTA 029) V.A. – Eupnea EP

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Eupnea EP
Catalog#: CICUTA029
Release Date: 15/05/2014
Styles: Dark, Industrial, Techno, Electronic

Welcome to the release number 29 of Cicuta Netlabel. There are images that speak for themselves. The cover of this month is one of them. So sit down and enjoy the movie.

We started our trip in France, to present Antony Dupont, manager of Bass Pressure Records, which releases have been very important support of people like Dave Clarke or Laurent Garnier.

We jumped across the planet, to Japan, to find Yuuki Sakai, a Japanese guy who is calling at the gates of major labels. With his dark and heavy style has managed to publish in important labels such as Warm Up, Subsist, Sonntag Morgen or Kidnapping Netlabel.

We return to Europe in the hands of German Komabase, which already had the pleasure of publishing last year. It brings a very special track which has been played by Dave Clarke on his radio show White Noise.

We return to travel to France to present to 14Anger, an artist that we haven’t much more information than his own music. We don’t need it, talent speaks for itself…

For the next artist, we travel to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. There we will find in Argentina to Lukas Seidel, known as 6_DEL. We don’t know so much about him, only a release in the netlabel Betanol Records. We will have to track him very closely…

Finally, we present an own track, somewhat slower and deeper than usual.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

1. Antony Dupont – Angry Bastards
2. Yuuki Sakai – Hydrum *
3. Komabase – Remember The Good Times
4. 14Anger – Third Wave
5. 6_DEL – P.L.U.R.
6. Drugstore – Orquidium

* Mastered by David Morales

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

6_DEL – PLUR for us, nice one!
Concrete Djz (Armatua Records, Foot Fetish, Heaven To Hell, SB)

Thx mate… 🙂
Stingrays (Elektrax, Foot Fetish, Gynoid, JP)

Again, great ep, guy. an amazing selection of artists too
George Lanham (Pareto Park Records, Technopodcast, UK)

Los temas de Yuuki Sakai y Komabase son los que más me han gustado. Gracias!
Humo (lightisnothingbuttheshadeofdarkness, ES)

Un EP muy variado dentro de los estilos, pero grande en cuanto a sonido, con temas aprovechables en una misma sesión, si ésta es larga. Sin embargo, me quedo y sin pensarlo mucho con los temas de Drugstore, 6Del y Antony Dupont. Me encantan.
Abiz Sonko (Zimmer, Cicuta Netlabel, ES)

Great experimental, very strong and hot
Oleg PW (Cicuta Netlabel, Indigo Silver Club)

Gracias por compartir, siempre haciendo un gran trabajo. Mi favorito es: . Yuuki Sakai – Hydrum . Es un Ep muy completo.
Oxum (The Forgotten Show, MX)