(CICUTA 023) Angelo Krizashi & Aktiverant – Unknown Mission EP

Artist: Angelo Krizashi & Aktiverant
Title: Unknown Mission EP
Catalog#: CICUTA023
Release Date: 15/10/2013
Styles: Dark, Industrial, Techno, Electronic

Welcome to the release number 23 of Cicuta Netlabel. It’s often said that unity is strength, and in musical terms, this statement takes a lot more sense. The phenomenon by which two completely different minds collaborate in a process as personal and creative as creating music is extraordinary. Perhaps one of the things, creativity, which still separates us from the rest of the species…

In addition to joining two minds in the creative process itself, we have joined together two historically land, such as Chile and Spain. From Chile we present Angelo Krizashi, an artist who has recorded a few months ago an excellent podcast for our catalog and on this occasion gives us his producer side. In his long career as producer, he has visited several net labels friends like AudioExit or Zimmer Records.

From Spain, we present a new talent, Aktiverant. We can’t tell you much about him because we do not have much information, but don’t worry, you will not need them, to listen to his music will be all said.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

1. Angelo Krizashi – Unknown Mission
2. Angelo Krizashi – Machines Resistance
3. Angelo Krizashi – Saturn Ceremony
4. Aktiverant – Sudden Drop
5. Aktiverant – Sullen Stage
6. Aktiverant – The Unreasonable Lock

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

Yes! great work again guys. Machines Resistance especially.
George Lanham (Pareto Park Records, Technopodcast, UK)

Amazing stuff from both artists! will play for sure! Thx
Stefano Infusino (Gynoid, HTH, Parallel 125, IT)

Me ha sorprendido mucho el estilo de Angelo Krizashi, sobretodo en “Unknow mission”. Ritmos rotos, bombos pesados, y mucho ruido industrial. Completamente de mi estilo. En los temas de Aktiverant se ve que domina las cajas de ritmos. Su corte que más me ha gustado es “The Unreasonable Lock”
Hyo (Cicuta Netlabel, Induxtriall Records, Dark Garden, ES)

Sudden Drop for me followed by The Unreasonable Lock, nice millsian dystopia vibes on the later tracks
Mono-region (Naked Lunch, Parallel 125, Cicuta Netlabel, UK)

Sorprendido de nuevo, Sudden Drop es un tema que ya me tiene enganchado.
Humo (lightisnothingbuttheshadeofdarkness, ES)

my fav: Sullen Stage
Rodrigo García (Kidnapping Netlabel, AR)

Super STAFF – unusual sounding – excellent material
Oleg PW (Cicuta Netlabel, Indigo Silver Club)

Uknown Mission y Sudden Drop directs a mi maleta, dos grandes temas.
Dubreverb (Cicuta Netlabel, ES)