(CICUTA 022) David Meiser – Uncompromising Sound EP

Artist: David Meiser
Title: Uncompromising Sound EP
Catalog#: CICUTA022
Release Date: 15/09/2013
Styles: Dark, Industrial, Techno, Electronic

Welcome to the release number 22 of Cicuta Netlabel. This month, we meet 2 years from the creation of the label. Two years of hard work, a lot of joy, and, why not, some occasional disappointment. There have been many artists who selflessly have given us their work, 71 artists from 24 different nationalities who have believed in our project, which we are extremely proud. But if really have been a key part of the journey of this project, have been you, the listeners, which keep alive our flame. More than 46,000 listens and more than 18,000 downloads of our EPs require us to work hard for you. THANKS, in capital letters, to each and every one of you.

For this special occasion we have an old friend, David Meiser. The Spanish, based in Zaragoza, is perhaps one of the most improved artists in this year 2013, and it is certainly one of the producers with the greatest projection at short-medium term. The quality and good reviews of their work will certainly portend a great future, and here in Cicuta we’re proud of belonging to our catalog.

He brings us three spectacular tracks, varied. The first 2 correspond to his more industrial face, his most recognizable sound. The third track, DNA, is a special track, with a melodic progression… For sure we will see some of these tracks soon on lists of important artists.

As for the remixers, we started from the U.S. talking about Rick Allen, better known as RRKS. Veteran who comes to Cicuta backed by the support which are getting their latest productions by Dave Clarke, which is not surprising us after hearing his remix, highly recommended…

Another artist who has joined the EP is the Spanish The Outlier, old friend of David, which gives us his vision of track DNA, remembering us those drums of the golden age of hard-techno.

Finally, from Drugstore team, we did not want to lose the opportunity to remix a track of this great artist, so, we offer our offbeat version of Inner Fight theme.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

1. Uncompromising Sound
2. Inner Fight
3. DNA
4. Uncompromising Sound (RRKS Remix)
5. Inner Fight (Drugstore Remix)
6. DNA (The Outlier Remix)

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

WOW ! AMAZING Release !!!! Uncompromising Sound is just the perfect dancefloor killer track !!! The remix as well. I also love Inner Fight. Full Support!
Antony Dupont (Bass Pressure, FR)

Very nice! Can’t wait to hear this one!
Dj Shiva (Gynoid, Chrome, Slap Jaxx, US)

Fantástica release, full support
Victor Martínez (Error Etica, PsychoskunkRecordings, ES)

Muchas gracias original David & Drugstore remix para mi, gran ep de nuevo!! Gracias
Unam Zetineb (Labrynth, Fluxus Records, Elektrax, Sonntag Morgen, ES)

Gran corte de David Meiser, ya lo tengo seleccionado para el Opening Industrial Copera.
Jesús (Industrial Copera, ES)

Loving the Cicuta EP you just sent over. Great release
George Lanham (Pareto Park Records, Technopodcast, UK)

Great stuff from David and also the remixes are really good! will try soon! Thx
Stefano Infusino (Gynoid, HTH, Parallel 125, IT)

Bomb thx!
Hector Oaks (Fluxus Records, PAR Recordings, Rez, ES)

Solid EP.Really dark and mental techno. My favourite mix is “Uncompromising Sound” and the remix. Support.
Peter DL-E (Heaven To Hell Records, DE)

Aparte de lo especial de que un label como el vuestro y un productor como David (ambos sinónimos de trabajo constante y de amor por la electrónica) se hayan encontrado, en esta referencia destacaría lo acertado de todas las remezclas… felicidades!
Humo (lightisnothingbuttheshadeofdarkness, ES)

Thanks for sharing, interesting sound!
Alhek (Soluxion Records, Genesa Records, DE)

Release potente! mifavorito: Inner Fight.
Rodrigo García (Kidnapping Netlabel, AR)

As always Circuta get in quality. David Meiser is massive and this release is a pleasure to hear.
DazFurey (Fnoob Radio, AR)

What can isay. This EP is deadly and a pure bomb. DNA is a brilliant track and so is the remix. But all the tracks and remixes are pure gold and i will play all these tunes for sure. Awesome package!!! favourite tracks: DNA, Inner Fight (Drugstore Remix). 10/10
Mono.Xid(Heaven to Hell, CicutaNetlabel, DE)

Buenísimo !! , booommmmm!
Angelo Krizashi (Tranzmitternetlabel, Cicuta Netlabel, AR)

David is a great talent. My fav tune is DNA. I love this simply sound. Thanks for sharing and support from Mexico
Oxum (MX)