(CICUTA 019) Lifeblood – Stairway To Destiny EP

Artist: Lifeblood
Title: Stairway To Destiny EP
Catalog#: CICUTA019
Release Date: 15/05/2013
Styles: Dark, Industrial, Techno, Electronic

Welcome to the release number 19 of Cicuta Netlabel. We live in an unjust world by nature, where are prevailing values that have nothing to do with art. The music scene is a clear example of this. We are saturated with marketing products, while real artists from your own room at home, are creating real wonders that deserve to be appreciated by the general public.

From our point of view, the artist who signed the reference of this month is one of those artists, one of those underrated by the scene who fights and make real wonders. This artist is Bran Lanen.

In this reference, shows his most hypnotic and experimental face, under his aka Lifeblood. He offers 6 cuts ranging from techno to ambient, with a sound reminiscent of the best times of Jeff Mills. A sound that is catching and wrapping you up to take you to a state of altered consciousness.

It is not the first (and sure it’s not the last) time we bet on this artist, so if you want to hear more of his works, take a tour by our catalog, you will find real gems. You can also listen to his work on labels like Zimmer, Labrynth or Geometrika Netlabel and on his own label, newly emerging, Ibyat.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

1. The code
2. Forerunners
3. Legacy
4. Legacy (Bran Lanen’s interpretation)
5. Expressions
6. Gravitational Force of the Destiny

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

Excellent ep again guys. Thanks.
George Lanham (Pareto Park Records, Technopodcast, UK)

Full support!! thx
Victor Martínez (Error Etica, Psychoskunk Recordings, ES)

Interesante EP. Lo usare seguro en mis sets. Gracias
Phone (Subsist, ES)

Un trabajo increíble. Suena muy bien. Me resulta difícil elegir un track porque los hay para todos los momentos.
Humo (lightisnothingbuttheshadeofdarkness, ES)

Me gustan mucho los temas 2,3,4 y 6. El tema 4 especialmente es el que mas me gusta, en hora buena, es muy buen trabajo, sobre todo me gusta que en cierto modo rompe la linealidad con esas progresiones puntuales. Suena muy agresivo el tema.
Add obscurae (ES)

Buen lanzamiento amigos, full support.
Astronomical Telegram