(CICUTA 018) Elektrabel – Turing Test EP

Artist: Elektrabel
Title: Turing Test EP
Catalog#: CICUTA018
Release Date: 15/04/2013
Styles: Dark, Industrial, Techno, Electronic

Welcome to the release number 18 of Cicuta Netlabel. Experts say that good wine improves with age. We think also some techno artists do too. This is the case of the Czech Tomas Hartl, aka Elektrabel. Authentic globetrotting of techno, active in the scene for over 10 years, and always linked in one way or another to the netaudio scene, reaches Cicuta Netlabel to offer an EP which shows its repertoire, themes acids, dark, mental…

Looking back on his career can find releases on labels as important as UTCH, Pohjola or Subsist. In netaudio world has offered its music in netlabels as Antiritmo, Edensonic or Transporta.

As if this were not enough, the release has joined the British George Lanham, label manager of Pareto Park and one of the most active artists in the European underground techno.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

01. Mutma
02. RJ3
03. Juvas
04. Chronical Objector
05. Hoban
06. Paterdrom
07. Adron
08. Hoban (George Lanham Remix)

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

Thanks! 🙂
Bas Mooy (Audio Assault, Perc Trax, Planet Rhythm Records, Gynoid, NE)

Me gustan varios tracks, gracias.
Exium (Nheoma, PoleGroup, Audio Assault, Planet Rhythm, ES)

Mutma & Chronical para mí. Gracias
Psyk (Mote Evolver, CLR, Drumcode, Modularz, ES)

Will play Paterdrom for sure
Hadji (Cicuta Netlabel, CR)

Awesome release, i will play really soon! thx
Stefano Infusino (Gynoid, HTH, Parallel 125, IT)

Good release!!!
Energun (Energun Records, BL)

Guys this is amazing I am a huge fan of Elektrabel and you send me these for free. Is it Christmas??
Ross Alexander (Naked Lunch, Heaven To Hell, Cicuta Netlabel, EN)

Me ha gustado mucho “Chronical Objector” y “Adron” me parece de una elaboración exquisita. Por otra parte, estoy seguro de que pincharé bastante el remix de G. Lanham, genial. Enhorabuena por el release y gracias!
Humo (lightisnothingbuttheshadeofdarkness, ES)

Fantastic LP, always good to hear new stuff from Elektrabel, i really like his style. RJ3, Hoban and Paterdom tracks are my favourites
Doryk (Audio Exit, HU)

Lovely EP. Great Tracks !
Steve Pain (The Noise Network, Zimmer, DE)

Elektrabel is highly underrated, thank you for promoting him!
Sebastian (http://bassandspace.com/)

Nada que decir, Elektrabel Master!
Angelo Krizashi (AR)