(CICUTA 017) Hadji – Darkness In Casual World LP

Artist: Hadji
Title: Darkness In Casual World LP
Catalog#: CICUTA017
Release Date: 17/03/2013
Styles: Dark, Industrial, Techno, Electronic

Welcome to the release number 17th of Cicuta Netlabel. When the talent and creativity of an artist springs forth as a virulent form, it’s difficult to put it any limits. That’s why this time, we have opted for a long release (LP). The protagonist of this month is Croatian Hadji, artist who worked with us in the past (release 010), and wanted to offer the fruits of their vast artistic quality.

He presents us 10 tracks, dark, very dark, from the depths of the Balkans, that land which unfortunately
has lived much darkness years ago.

Closer to IDM or Break than to the dance floor, this is why this time we encourage you to put you headphones, close your eyes, and join us on this journey of no return to a place where darkness reigns.

We told you months ago that at his 22 years has managed to expose his music on such prestigious labels such as Labrynth, Armatura or Hardsignal, and secure his career has only just begun…

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

01. Darkness In Casual World
02. Dark Times
03. Black Fog
04. Something Unexpected
05. Retreat
06. Nothing To Follow
07. Going Somewhere Else
08. The Dust
09. Reservoir Dog Whisperer
10. Darkness In Casual World (Outro)

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

Buenos tracks, gracias.
Exium (Nheoma, PoleGroup, Audio Assault, Planet Rhythm, ES)

What a huge release! It would be cool finding more sounds like theses theses days…Full support on the release! Special mention on “Dark Times” which is my fav’ and I love “Retreat” and “The dust” as well.Will play theses ones for sure! Keep techno alive!
Antony Dupont (Bass Pressure, FR)

Thank you guys. Keep up the great work. Cheers.
Dom (Trust Recordings, EN)

Un disco espectacular.
Hermético (Inoquo, ES)

Thanks…great LP. Will play Dark Times and Black Fog out.
Ideal Flow (Gynoid Audio, Sonntag Morgen, US)

Thanks very much! I always look forward to these releases, great techno 🙂 Dark times & The Retreat are my favorites and I will be playing them. Super stuff.
Ross Alexander (Naked Lunch, Heaven To Hell, Cicuta Netlabel, EN)

Enorme Referencia!!! No puedo elegir solo un tema… Techno de muchos quilates, con muchos matices… Cabría destacar “darkness in casual world outro” que cierra el LP, por los matices de luz que acaba dando a el LP.
Razeed (Geometrika FM, ES)

Sweet. An album!
DVNT (Mantis Radio, UK)

Thanks for send me this intense work as promo. All tracks are very good, it’s a complete journey through darkness and industrial sounds. I like it. I will play it for sure.
Alhek (Soluxion Records, Genesa Records, DE)

Thanks for the promos. I will download now! Best.
Adam Kelly (Technotic, Labrynth, Newrhytmic, Induxtriall Records, IR)

This is a really great release… It take you on a musical journey… Keep up the good work.
Steven (1MC Radioshow, DirtyRadio, UK)

No sé ni por donde empezar… Imposible elegir un tema favorito. Desde la intro hasta el final me han gustado todos y cada uno de los capítulos de esta genial historia. Gracias!
Humo (lightisnothingbuttheshadeofdarkness, ES)

Thumbs up for Hadji and Cicuta!
I1 Ambivalent (Labrynth, Heaven to Hell, CR)

Great Album, Raw-experimental sounds. Effects of high quality.My favorites are: Retreat and Black Fog. I will play this in my upcoming events. Supporting this. 5 stars.
Oxum (MX)