(CICUTA 006) Bran Lanen – Sign Of The Progress EP

Artist: Bran Lanen
Title: Sign Of The Progress EP
Catalog#: CICUTA006
Release Date: 15/02/2012
Styles: Dark, Industrial Techno

Welcome to the sixth release of Cicuta Netlabel. From Cicuta always try to support the Spanish artists, as we believe that within our borders there is an excess of talent, perhaps in the welter of names who daily come to the fore, are a little forgotten. There is a special artist, whom we met a few years ago, and surprised us with his talent and his way of feeling the music, which we do not accept that, and we try to give it the support it deserves. We’re talking about Bran Lanen.

Bran is an artist from León (Spain), passionate defender of hardware and analog. So far his career in the musical has been pretty tied to netaudio, having published on netlabels like Zimmer, Antiritmo or Geometrika, but that has not stopped him getting a great success in a commercial label such Labrynth, publishing under his aka Lifeblood.

In this EP, Bran offers 4 intense tracks, deep, mental, full of nuances that surround you in an atmosphere of darkness which is not easy to leave. Of course, without ever losing sight of the dance floor…

As for the remixers, on the one hand we have from Zagreb (Croatia) to Robert Pain, one of the artists who are making waves in the underground circuit techno artists. His label, Black Queen, despite having little reference is becoming a must for lovers of deep and dark techno. We note particularly the reference number 1, which has been played by a lot of great dj on the world stage.

Finally, and as always, from Drugstore bring our usual remix, in this case giving a more powerful vision to the track Lost Procedures.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

01. Bran Lanen – Lost Procedures – 06:04
02. Bran Lanen – Forgotten Devices – 06:19
03. Bran Lanen – Wittiness Times – 06:04
04. Bran Lanen – Soul Over Mechanics – 06:53
05. Bran Lanen – Soul Over Mechanics (Robert Pain Remix) – 06:59
06. Bran Lanen – Lost Procedures (Drugstore Remix) – 06:48

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

Lost procedures original is amazing, but i like all package!
Stefano Infusino (Gynoid, HTH, Parallel 125, IT)

Yeah. Cicuta rocks. One rocket follows the other. Welcome to outer space. Full support – as always 😉
Psycoded (Zimmer Records, Haushaltsware, Akashic Records, DE)

Cicuta continues with proper music delivery! thumbs up for this release. Forgotten Devices is my favorite here.
i1 Ambivalent (Heaven To Hell, Labrynth, Cicuta Neltabel, CR)

Excelente trabajo. Lost Procedures es mi favorita y el contundente remix de Drugstore es impresionante. Todo mi apoyo!
Paula Cazenave (Daisychain, Grind, Ignored Records, ES)

Hola, gracias por la promo, mi preferido es: Bran Lanen – Lost Procedures (Drugstore Remix)
Lady K (Phrenetic Agency, Nxt, Casa Do Conde, Club66, ES)

Increíble EP. Si el de Hyo era espectacular, este no se queda a la zaga. Techno del de rabiar. Del que se te mete hasta dentro. Tengo debilidad por el sonido de Bran Lanen pero creo que este EP es de una factura especial, con una dureza, crudeza y contundencia de las que se echan en falta en estos momentos. Esto sin restarle ninguna importancia a la calidad del sonido y de la producción. Me encanta Bran. De las remezclas, por fin, me ha encantado la de Drugstore. Ya tenía ganas de poder decir esto siendo los creadores del Netlabel. Creo que le dan al original un plus de “pista” pero sin perder la contundencia y seriedad del original. Magnífico EP. Gracias!!!
Razeed (Geometrika FM, ES)

Nice Detroit Space age stylings on this one. lost procedures for me. Thanks for the promo. Rotation on Fnoob Techno Radio as well as my own mixes.
Daz Furey (Fnoob Radio, AR)

Buenísimo el último EP de Bran madre mía, el primer track es una jodida bomba, muy buen EP en general, estáis llevando un buen camino con el label
Kwartz (Zimmer Records, Main Concept, Shapeless Records, ES)

After releases on the former pioneer Netlabel Antiritmo and the still booming Zimmer Records, Bran Lanen now brings his tracks to Cicuta. Some may think that the tracks are monotone, but the subtile tone variations and secundary sounds make this a strong release. My personal favourite track is “Wittiness times”, the mid song break really is superb.
Steven (1MC Radioshow, DirtyRadio, UK)