(CICUTA 005) Voidloss – Relics EP

Artist: Voidloss
Title: Relics EP
Catalog#: CICUTA005
Release Date: 15/01/2012
Styles: Dark, Industrial Techno

Welcome to the fifth reference of Cicuta Netlabel. Start a new year, a year full of good intentions and hopes renewed. In Cicuta Netlabel want 2012 to be our year, and it started with all the strength and power of one of the most established and influential artists of the global dark-techno scene, the lord of the dark, Voidloss.

Steve, like a kind of magician king, has given us 4 tracks potent, fast-paced, true to the style Voidloss, very atmospheric, somewhat harder perhaps than his later works. Tracks such trap you and take you on a mental journey until the last beat.

Of the 4 tracks that compose the EP, we can classify 2 as more “trackers” (Purgatory Engine and Black Beltaine) and 2 more “mental” (Rtual at Château des Amerois and Continuum Mechanics), so that all dark-techno lovers sure to find their favorite in the release.

As for the remixers, on the one hand we have Rick Miller, better known as Systemic, remixing the track Black Beltaine. Excellent artist and personal friend of Voidloss, is also Duality Records label owner, and has published in great labels such as Labrynth, Subsist, UTCH or Trust, being this his first release into netaudio world.

Finally, and as always, from Drugstore bring our usual remix, in this case of the track Purgatory Engine.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

01. Voidloss – Rtual at Château des Amerois – 07:02
02. Voidloss – Purgatory Engine – 07:15
03. Voidloss – Black Beltaine – 06:05
04. Voidloss – Continuum Mechanics – 06:58
05. Voidloss – Black Beltaine (Systemic Remix) – 07:03
06. Voidloss – Purgatory Engine (Drugstore Remix) – 07:10

* All tracks have been mastered by Black Monolith Studios

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

Thanks for the link. Great release from Cicuta and Voidloss as always. Especially like ‘Purgatory Engine’ and ‘Rtual at Château des Amerois’ and will be playing those for sure but most likely will be playing all the tracks!
Inigo Kennedy (Asymmetric, Token, Rodz-Konez, Semantica, UK)

Me gustaron Purgatory Engine y vuestro remix 🙂
Dosem (Soundfate, Sino, ES)

Outstanding EP, both mixes of Purgatory Engine top the release. Thanks a lot.
George Lanham (Technopodcast, UK)

Thank you for promo, Systemic remix is brilliant. Full Support!
Concrete Djz (Armatura Records, RS)

Awesome! My favourite release on Cicuta at the moment! I will play, sure! Thx
Stefano Infusino (Gynoid, HTH, Parallel 125, IT)

Gran referencia..Me ha sorprendido gratamente el remix de Drugstore, muy potente.
Phone (Subsist, ES)

Voidloss is always a sure shot. Great EP with much diversity on board. For sure not my favourite stuff when it comes to techno but amazing work for sure. Thanks
Peter (Heaven To Hell Records, UK)

Muchas gracias por la promo y felicidades, para mí es quizás el mejor lanzamiento de Cicuta hasta el momento, un Ep lleno de fuerza y con un gran sonido.
Hermético (Inoquo, ES)

Great release ! Voidloss at the top, like always… Purgatory engine (original mix + Drugstore’s remix) is my fav. Will play the tracks of this EP for sure ! Thanks for the promo and full support to the Cicuta label !!!”
Tyler Smith aka Black Smith Craft (Pohjola, Ante-Rasa, Labrynth, Interstate 94, FR)

Great start for 2012. Although I’m not a real Dark Techno fan, I did find some nice things in this release. My favourite track is “Rtual at Château des Amerois”. Repetitive beats with a ambient background. Nice work.
Steven (1MC Radioshow, DirtyRadio, UK)

Hola Gente de Cicuta , esta referencia es buenísima! mis favoritos del release son:Purgatory Engine y Rtual At Chateau Des amerois, son muy hipnóticos estos 2 temas y suenan de lujo, un saludo chicos y buen trabajo, me está gustando la línea que estáis llevando con el Netlabel 🙂
Zair (Elektrax, Zair-Rec, Cicuta Netlabel, ES)

First track is really really good, i’ll include it in my tracklists, support.Thanks for the promo
P.God (Prototypes, IT)

Really good stuff, like the Black Beltaine original track and the Systemic Remix
Steve Pain (Audio Exit, DE)