(CICUTA 004) Hyo – Wicked Game EP

Artist: Hyo
Title: Wicked Game EP
Catalog#: CICUTA004
Release Date: 15/12/2011
Styles: Dark, Industrial, Melodic Techno

Welcome to the fourth release of Cicuta Netlabel. Many times, in private circles, discussed about the large number of new promises that are working hard in the dark and certainly deserve to have their work exhibited to the public. This time, we want to present one of these guys, from Burgos (Spain), Hyo.

Hyo presents 3 tracks of similar cut between them. Dark, atmospheric, industrial with a touch reminiscent sounds of the golden age of Spanish dark techno, and, of course, have nothing to envy to the music from best known and most renowned artists. Undoubtedly, if you are dark-techno lover, is a name to put in the agenda…

As for the remixers, first we are proud to introduce you to Edgar Aizpurs, better known as Po, Latvian producer that many will remember by his legendary track Jannete published in the late Belgian netlabel Ante-Rasa, and since then we keep track for his quality, especially in the atmosphere management.

Moreover, we have from León (Spain) to Bran Lanen, one of these different artists, that by simply talking to him you know he will not leave you indifferent. Classic techno lover, hardware defender and production geek. Adjectives are a little extreme, but you also probably be after listening to his music.

Finally, and as always, from Drugstore try to contribute into EP with a remix. Is a more serious and thoughtful work than at other times, but the script demanded it…

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

01. Hyo – 1908 Tunguska – 05:49
02. Hyo – 1908 Tunguska (Po Remix) – 04:33
03. Hyo – Chemical Imbalance – 05:49
04. Hyo – Chemical Imbalance (Bran Lanen Remix) – 05:54
05. Hyo – Skyquake – 06:00
06. Hyo – Skyquake (Drugstore Remix) – 07:52

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

The Drugstore remix is the best one 🙂
Mattias Fridell (Mastertraxx, Planet Rhytmic, Audio Assault, SW)

Wicked Game is wicked indeed ! kudos to all
i1 Ambivalent (Heaven To Hell, Labrynth, CR)

Drugstore remix for me…thx!
Ideal Flow (Gynoid Audio, Sonntag Morgen, US)

Massive release! I like a lot this hypnotic style, i will try! thx
Stefano Infusino (Gynoid, HTH, Parallel 125, IT)

This release is my personal favorite from Cicuta till now, great job as usual. Hyo is one of my favorite producers in the last time, i like his massive offbeats and scratchy dark sounds, this EP is representing the techno sound which i adore and support for many years now, absolutely perfect pack. The remixers have done a great job too, PO and Bran Lanen giving a good 4/4 contrast to the original sounds, keeping the same mood.
Doryk Aka P.C.M.N (Audio Exit, HU)

Increíble EP de technazo! Muy alto nivel el de Hyo, una de las promesas más claras de nuestro techno. Y tres remezclas a la altura. PO oscureciendo la música como siempre lo hace. Bran Lanen dándole un plus de pegada a su remezcla, limpiandola. Y la.remezcla de Drusgstore coloreando con mucho gusto el original. Una maravilla!!
Razeed (Geometrika FM, ES)

Para empezar quiero decir que me ha costado decantarme por uno de los temas de este release, son todos la ostia! el que mas me ha gustado es el original mix del tema Skyquake,el juego de bombos es brutal y la atmosfera que se escucha de fondo durante todo el track hace poner el pelo de punta, el resto de percusión solo de escucharla te hace saber que es de Hyo , sin duda un temazo!
El remix de este tema también esta muy bien, son los 2 tracks que mas me han gustado del EP.

Zair (Elektrax, Zair-Rec, Cicuta Netlabel, ES)

My favourite EP from the label so far! Hyo is one of the best in dark\offbeat techno these days, as far as i’m concerned.
Balatro (Audio Exit, HU)

It’s nice to see that until now each release has it’s own concept…This time it’s 3 tracks with a remix from each track… My favourite track is the Bran Lanen Remix of Chemical Imbalance…
The track is nicely divided and I like the sounds in the background…Keep up the nice work…

Steve (1MC Radioshow, UK)

Love all the tracks! Hyo is a brilliant artist.Full support
Mike Stern (Livesets.com, FR)

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