(CICUTA 003) V.A. – Ajana EP

Artist: V.A.
Title: Ajana EP
Catalog#: CICUTA003
Release Date: 15/11/2011
Styles: Dark, Industrial, Melodic Techno

In November the weather turns cold and darkness begins to gain ground, leaving behind the sunny days. That’s why Cicuta Netlabel stirs the fire to counteract these phenomena, bringing a third reference full of strength and dark in equal measure. Of course, without losing our usual flirting with slower techno.

EP began with Ukrainian Stanislav Tolkachev, one of the most prolific and most quality in the techno scene. His works, always mental and acid, carry a seal of authenticity that makes them easily recognizable. A luxury for Cicuta to have him on board.

We continue with Kuniaki Takenaga, artist that was already present at netaudio scene of the hand of mythical netlabel Offaudio, and which many consider a pupil of Takaaki Itoh. Others even think that the student has surpassed the teacher…

We continue with German Andreas Florin, an old known in netaudio scene under the pseudonym Frequenzkiller, who this time comes with his best known aka to Cicuta to offer an eclectic and hypnotic track equally. Below is the Spaniard Zair, one of those emerging national products that we like to support from Cicuta, with a simple but direct track, focused directly to the dance floor.

The counterpoint in this case is provided by two great artists and friends, Loisan and My Name is Pinxo, who join forces to bring Cicuta Netlabel his taste for groove and quality music. His work on labels like Soundfate (owned by Dosem) or Raccoon Records so cherish.

Finally, as usual, we close the EP with an own work. From Drugstore we present a less conventional sounding track, closer perhaps to hard-trance of yore, but we hope you enjoy it also.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

01. Stanislav Tolkachev – Less (04:56)
02. Kuniaki Takenaga – Graces Of Mana (06:52)
03. Andreas Florin – Frequenzkillers (06:38)
04. Zair – Overfeeding (05:18)
05. Loisan & My Name Is Pinxo – Escalators (07:08)
06. Drugstore – Punto Cero (06:45)

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

Me ha gustado mucho el de Loisan (por algo lo he editado en Soundfate). Es un chico con mucho talento.
Dosem (Soundfate, Sino, ES)

The track from Stanislav Tolkachev is wicked, I really enjoy that one.
Mattias Fridell (Mastertraxx, Planet Rhytmic, Audio Assault, SW)

Hey guys, very nice release.The “Graces of Mana” by Kuniaki Takenaga is the one for me on this EP. Keep up the good work!
Oliver Kucera (Kucera Records, Planet Rhythm, Dynamic Reflection, NL)

Good release again! I will try Less and Frequenzkillers for sure!
Stefano Infusino (Gynoid, HTH, Parallel 125, IT)

Oh wonderful. Some of my favorite netlabel-artists on one EP. The third cicuta is coming straight forward. my favorties: Drugstore, Stanislav Tolkachev & Kuniaki Takenaga. The other tracks are good as well, but these 3 are just awesome. Its getting serious in here. Well done folks!!! Hot stuff!!!!
Psycoded (Zimmer Records, Akashic-Records, DE)

Otra genial referencia cargada de buen techno. El tema de Loisan & My name is pinxo es una auténtica bomba!! Felicidades!
Hermético (Inoquo, Oir para Creer, ES)

Pounding them out guys! Good stuff. On this EP I’m drawn to the work of Kuniaki Takenaga and Andreas Florin. I like zair’s work, new name to these ears, but the track seems lacking in oopmh. Doesn’t feel mastered properly. Nice range of techno once again guys.
DVNT (Mantis Radio, UK)

Tolkachev’s track is amazing!! Best regards
P.God (Prototypes, IT)

Another super release, thank you. The tracks from Kuniaki Takenaga and Zair will be played by me for sure.
Doryk Aka P.C.M.N (Audio Exit, HU)

Awesome stuff guys! Kuniaki’s track is brutal. Overfeeding is also quite cool. Those are my two favourites so far, but the rest of the bunch are solid too.
Balatro (Audio Exit, HU)

Thanks for the release – some great tracks 🙂 All will get put on radio for sure. If I had to pick a favourite it would probably Adreas Florin’s Frequezkillers. Thanks!!
Daz Furey (Fnoob Radio, AR)

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