(CICUTA 001) V.A. – Apgar EP

Artist: V.A.
Title: Apgar EP
Catalog#: CICUTA001
Release Date: 15/09/2011
Styles: Dark, Industrial, Melodic Techno

The first reference is a mirror of the purpose of the project, an interesting mix of musical shapes. On the one hand we have Kike Pravda, one of the most respected artists in terms of dark techno in northern Spain. Also we have i1 Ambivalent from Croatia, one of the emerging European techno producers, with a sound tracker, but still dark. On the other hand we have Vegim, owner of TMM (Take More Music Records), which is one of Europe’s most respected producers in the techno circuit, with a lot of releases and remixes on his back since 2006.

As a counterpoint, we have the Catalan producers Mootiv, One D and Edrian Sailing, bringing a more melodic techno with sounds fresh and elegant. Mootiv is no stranger far, has published among other labels in Soundfate (owned by Dosem) and Inoquo (one of the most respected netlabels worldwide). His success is no accident; he’s film composer, visual artist and sound engineer, besides acting as a teacher in the ERAM (School of Audiovisual and Multimedia). One D, meanwhile, is following the footsteps of Mootiv, both for its quality and its success, having also published in Soundfate, and many projects in the medium and long term. About Edrian, this is his first project in his role as producer, and it will be not the last, sure…

To close the EP we have a own track. From Drugstore try to put a different point, with unconventional sounds, a sound closer to the music that we have always placed in our netaudio side.

01. Kike Pravda – Quantum (04:55)
02. Vegim – Librium (06:19)
03. i1 Ambivalent – Home (05:21)
04. Mootiv – Work ‘Em Out (07:18)
05. One D & Edrian Sailing – Growing Shadows (06:13)
06. Drugstore – Udayan (06:17)

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

Excelente pack de techno inteligente y maduro. Me ha sorprendido en especial Vegim y como no mis favoritos Mootiv, One D & Edrian, creando dos tracks espectaculares!
Dosem (Sino, Soundfate, ES)

Cool EP gentlemen!. This label will definetly fill an empty void of techno netlabels. As for this first release, I really like Growing Shadows but the others are nice as well. Mastering sounds proper too!
Mattias Fridell (Mastertraxx, Planet Rhytmic, Audio Assault, SW)

I1 ambivalent & Kike tracks for me
Kr!z (Token Records, BE)

Geniales todos los temas!!! Un gran comienzo!!! Con la desaparición de Antiritmo y Offaudio hace falta un poco de buen techno en la escena netlabel española!!
Hermético (Inoquo Netlabel, ES)

The work from Vegim, i1 Ambivalent and Drugstore is really resonating with me at Darkfloor on this compilation EP. Of the 6 tracks that constitute this netlabels inception release these 3 are the darker and fit our vibe well. Expect support for these on air and in my sets.
DVNT (Mantis Radio, UK)

We like Kike Parvda track very much. Support for this project from Drugstore.
Concrete Djz (Armatura Records, RS)

I will play Home and Quantum!
Andreas Florin (We call it Hard, Planet Rhytmic, Subsequent, Take More Music, DE)

Congrats for the first one. The playlist looks great. Much diversity of techno inside there. My favourite track it’s he first one by Kike but it’s a solid release in general.
Peter Arendt (Heaven To Hell Records, UK)

Some great sounds on there. My personal favourites are Kike Pravda and i1 Ambivalent, they will be on the playlist for sure. And also full support for the label.
Doryk Aka P.C.M.N (Audio Exit, HU)

Really good sound. Nice to hear great techno on netlabels!! You’re the worthy “followers” of Antiritmo & Offtechno.
DJ L’embrouille (Mixotic, Loopzilla, FR)

El promo EP es bastante completo, lo usaré en mis sets en directo y radio Shows (DI.FM) New York y Spanish Wave ELECTIONRADIO.FM (Argentina)
Lady K (Nxt, Phrenetic Agency Sevilla)

Muy bueno el EP, me han gustado todos los tracks pero me quedo con el de Drugstore. Gracias por compartir.
Kill Minimal (Offaudio, ES)

Great tracks!. Vegim,Drugstore and i1 Ambivalent are my favs!
Stefano Infusino (Gynoid, HTH, Parallel 125, IT)

Some good driving techno tracks on this release! Good tracks for the modern techno floor, especially for the peak time hours at the club!
Patrick Krieger (M_REC, Elektrax, Sonntag Morgen, DE)

I support and I’ll play Kike Pravda’s track!
P.God (Prototypes, IT)

My favourites is i1 Ambivalent followed by Vegim. I will play both their tracks in my personal sets. I will also put the rest of the tracks in standard rotation on Fnoob Techno.
Daz Furey (Fnoob Radio, AR)

It is really amazing and good quality techno I found in this release !!!! Kike Pravda,Drugstore and Vegim are my favorite there. You did good job and I really hope some day I could join one of your releases!!!
Po (Ante-Rasa, Limetree, Afterstate, LV)

YetTken: Muy buen EP. Se nota muchísimo la influencia de Drugstore en todo el lanzamiento. Mis tracks preferidos son “Librium” de Vegim y “Growing Shadows” de One D & Edrian Sailing.
Armida: Me encantó. Excelente primera referencia, muy bien balanceado. La segunda parte del Ep es la que más me llamó la atención. Mis elegidos son: “Growing Shadows” de One D & Edrian Sailing y “Work ‘Em Out” de Mootiv.
Sound & Motion Netlabel (SV)

I find it amazing… There is no better way to start a Netlabel…As for the songs… I like the “heavy” beats (but you already knew that ;))Also nice to see Udayan on this… Unreleased song from the Drugstore podcast on 1MC.
Steve (1MC Radioshow, UK)

Awesome release! My favs are kike pravda and drugstore! Lovely stuff
Steve Pain (DE)

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