(CICUTA PODCAST 003) Drugstore

Catalog#: Cicuta Podcast 003
Duration: 86:18
Released: 01 Feb 2016
Style: Techno

We return to the fray with our line of podcasts with music 100% Creative Commons. In this third episode, Drugstore crew take the controls of the ship, we hope to maintain the level as high as the previous mixers.

In our set we will find a bito f everything, mental techno, acid, powerful,… from some of the most important techno netlabels, in this case, mainly Spanish.

Don’t forget, all the tracks are available for free download in the website of each netlabel. Enjoy!

01.Alberto Morales – The lost thrill [CICUTA NETLABEL 034]
02.HD Substance – Soulful moments [GEOMETRIKA FM 021]
03.Abiz Sonko – Ai chous de mun miks 2 [CICUTA NETLABEL 031]
04.DubReverb – Gleipnir [CICUTA NETLABEL soon]
05.Altechmist – Erroneous connection [CICUTA NETLABEL 035]
06.Altechmist – Intercambio equivalente [CICUTA NETLABEL 035]
07.Hermetico – 2:50AM [INOQUO 070]
08.Bran Lanen – A man with a mission [GEOMETRIKA FM 021]
09.Black Kitchen – MR04 [CICUTA NETLABEL soon]
10.Bebhionn – Angular [CICUTA NETLABEL soon]
11.Martin Mueller – Final blood (Deam Concentration B) [KIDNAPPING 007]
12.Thor-K – Inspires [CICUTA NETLABEL soon]
13.Oliver Kucera – Lithium lollipop [DISTRICT FACILITY VA001]
14.Bebhionn – Regular [CICUTA NETLABEL soon]
15.Contort – RT2 [CICUTA NETLABEL 033]
16.Neglëk – T.F.G. [CICUTA NETLABEL soon]
17.Contort – R5 (Asedub Remix) [CICUTA NETLABEL 033]
18.Lifeblood – Linnaeus (Razeed Remix) [GEOMETRIKA FM 021]
19.Bran Lanen – Rituals For The War [DISTRICT FACILITY VA001]
20.Mono.xID – Tactics (Vegim Repaint) [CICUTA NETLABEL 026]
21.Hoth System – Epiphany [KIDNAPPING 014]
22.Reu Ven – Adamantium [GEOMETRIKA FM 021]
23.Reiko – Spell spain [KIDNAPPING 010]
24.Formal Method – KLT [DARK GARDEN 030]

Free download from Archive.org: ZIP File

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